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Dedicated Email Hosting Servers


With companies that have over 1000 users a dedicated server designated for email only becomes a necessity.

You should also consider your disk space if your company needs more than 100 GB of space or has special requirements for backup, redundancy and failover you may need your own server customized for your business. Some companies opt for a shared mail service but a mail service on a dedicated server can eliminate usage charges that may occur on shared servers.

Avoiding IT Headaches

Web Mail Service providers manage dedicated email hosting servers which includes all maintenance and service by their IT department. They also provide the software, security and hardware through their service. Anti-spam, anti-virus and general email security protection is a major ongoing concern for anyone especially businesses who have high volume traffic and a large amount of users. Monitoring email security in-house can be a headache and extremely time consuming on your IT department so out sourcing through a dedicated server host, although it entails initial set up fees, Eigen Email is in the long run a more cost effective way to manage your email.
Some small companies who do not have the resources to engage a designated server find the expense of a designated email host server is justified. Exclusive use of a dedicated server guarantees enough space and efficiency to keep the communication functioning at a high rate of efficiency.

Internal Administration

Many large corporations find it easier to have their own IT department maintain an in house dedicated server for email only. Hundreds of corporate web mail addresses and global communication accounts demand special attention and specific security applications. Still some of these larger corporations find it preferable to have an email security expert manage their accounts for them to insure that aspect of their business communication is not compromised. Smaller businesses will usually opt for leasing the dedicated servers from a host that can provide other managed options such as hosting an email server.

It can be counterproductive when a company uses a dedicated server host to process their many email accounts on the main dedicated server. Some dedicated server hosts cap the amount of outbound emails at 1000 per day. Upgrading your server to handle the email is one way to handle it but you are also still dealing with the very large and very real security issues that come with a large emailing employee population.

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